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Curtain down on Moviehouse

The Macrobert Moviehouse in the Balfour Centre will have its final screening on Sunday 14 April.


Funding for this project, a partnership between the Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling Council and Plean’s Voice,  was secured for a six -month period. A room in the Balfour Centre was transformed into all-purpose 20-seater cinema.


The doors first opened in October and among some of the films shown included the blockbusters Barbie, Openheimer and Trolls.


Plean’s Voice worked with the Macrobert Arts Centre to try to secure additional funding to keep the cinema running.


Bob McWilliam, Plean’s Voice Chair said: “We are disappointed that we were not able to secure funds to continue the running of the cinema. We knew that securing longer term funding as always going to be a challenge and we worked hard and did as much as we could to secure funding which would have extended the life of the cinema.


“The Macrobert Moviehouse brought life back to the village with residents being able to walk to a location within their village to see a film in a cinema setting. That is something Plean has never had.


“It has been a pleasure to meet and work with Frida and the Macrobert team as they worked through the planning and negotiations with Stirling Council, transforming the Balfour Centre into a real 20 seat cinema. 


“We haven’t abandoned the idea of a cinema altogether and we will be working on other priorities to rejuvenate the village.


“As we progress towards acquiring control of the Balfour Centre for the community, Plean’s voice will certainly consider the place of a cinema in the future and it will be one of the questions we will be asking in our next community survey.”

Macrobert’s Interim Director, Lucy Mason, said: “We are disappointed in the recent funding decisions in relation to the continuation of Moviehouse Plean in its current format – the implications of which will be far reaching for Plean and within our surrounding communities. 

“Macrobert, with support from Screen Scotland's Recovery for Independent Cinema fund created Moviehouse Plean to serve and connect audiences with a full cinema experience on their doorstep. The creation and popularity of Moviehouse Plean has been a great local success story and a tribute to the hard work of our staff and the community.  

“We hope that, together with Plean’s Voice, we can explore other avenues of funding to allow Moviehouse Plean to flourish in the months and years to come”  


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